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    Quail Habitat

    Hi All, I'm new to Missouri and quail hunting. I have been fortunate enough to pheasant hunt in South Dakota and grouse hunt in Michigan over the years though... What is good quail habitat? How can it be identified. I have enjoyed some of the pictures posted which helps a little but I'm...
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    New to STL Area - Looking for Hunting Information

    Life has been strange lately and my wife and I are in St. Louis. We also have a new Brittany pup. He is showing a lot of promise but finding ground for him to walk/run on while off lease is a challenge. I've found Wil-Nor Outdoor and will be bringing the pup there for a couple weeks while I'm...
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    Bird Hunter Moving to CA

    I've lived in Michigan for the last 25 years. I'm now relocating with my company to southern CA. Work will be in Glendale. I'm looking for homes within a 30ish minute drive. One wonder that I have is where to run my 7 year old GSP. Is there going to be any hunting for upland birds within...
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    SD Promotional Video circa 1950

    Have you seen this. I wish I was around then but we are making our own memories now. Besides, I like Gore-Tex when it rains and they didn't have it then.
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    Heading to UGUIDE

    I have a group heading to UGUIDE next week. How have things been? Are there any reports from Aberdeen North or areas near there?
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    SD, Week of Nov 14. Need 1 or 2

    A group of 5 from Michigan have reserved UGUIDE Aberdeen North Camp for hunting public ground on Nov 15 then UGUIDE ground on 16-18. Our group consists of a dad and his friend, the dad's 2 sons and a friend. Ages are 2-60somethings and 3-40 somethings. It is amazing how many hunters in...