New to STL Area - Looking for Hunting Information


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Life has been strange lately and my wife and I are in St. Louis. We also have a new Brittany pup. He is showing a lot of promise but finding ground for him to walk/run on while off lease is a challenge. I've found Wil-Nor Outdoor and will be bringing the pup there for a couple weeks while I'm on vacation.

I'm looking for recommendations on public ground I can run him on for "training" now and potentially for hunting on later. I hear there may be some quail running around somewhere in central MO but don't know where to look. I would love to have him on a few birds before our South Dakota trip the first week of November.

In general, I'm looking for advice for where to look and where to go in this new state that I live.

Depending on where you are in St Louis, riverbottoms are great places to run your dog unless of course its flooding which is not the case this year. There are numerous spots along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers that is open to the public. You will find pockets of birds here too as you will have some levee brush along some bean fields and the occasional water ditch with a plum thicket in it. But the birds are few and far between here. If you want to get into more birds you will have to do what everyone has been telling me since day one. Go further north and west.


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Upcoming training days - they did cancel the last field work day bc of the heat.
8/11 - Eagle Bluffs CA in Columbia for water work
8/25 - Rocky Fork Lakes CA just north or COMO on 63 for Field Work

I can get you in contact with the President and bird getter guy if you are interested in joining. Its a good group of guys. Very helpful.

Another place you can go to get your dog on birds is in Higbee, MO. You will have to call and see what they have available but you can buy birds from them and they can plant for you. We had a training day here not too long ago.


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There used to be quite a few quail at Danville CA in Montgomery Co. and Marshal Diggs CA just north of there in Audrain Co. I did kick up a covey at Diggs last year
I also have chukars available. And I can plant at my place too. If your just working your own dog on a few birds I dont charge a gun fee.