SD, Week of Nov 14. Need 1 or 2


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A group of 5 from Michigan have reserved UGUIDE Aberdeen North Camp for hunting public ground on Nov 15 then UGUIDE ground on 16-18. Our group consists of a dad and his friend, the dad's 2 sons and a friend. Ages are 2-60somethings and 3-40 somethings. It is amazing how many hunters in Michigan will not miss the firearm deer opener (Nov 15) for a week in South Dakota! So we are considering adding a couple extra hunters and looking here. Would need to be a good match before we strike up a deal.

We have 3 young, pointing dogs (2 years old). 1 is a German Shorthair and 2 are Drahthaars. Very personable dogs but they are young and we might need a flusher in some of the cover we hope to find???

Ideal person or two would like to have good clean fun before and during the hunt and enjoy a drink after the hours are over. :cheers:

We'll be splitting the cost of lodging/tresspass, food, and such.

Contact me via e-mail is best.