Bird Hunter Moving to CA


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I've lived in Michigan for the last 25 years. I'm now relocating with my company to southern CA. Work will be in Glendale.

I'm looking for homes within a 30ish minute drive.

One wonder that I have is where to run my 7 year old GSP. Is there going to be any hunting for upland birds within a decent drive? I'll still meet my buddies in SD with UGUIDE but will be looking for something around my new home too.

Thanks for advice and information.


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You're gonna miss those Winter driving conditions. They keep Mid-westerners sharp. :D

Hope it is an easy move and you find the conditions for hunting.

Best Wishes.


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there is some upland hunting in the area

I grew up about an hour north west from glendale and there is some decent quail hunting in the area. I used to mainly hunt cuyama area but up until last year the drought has brought the quail population down. Pretty much anywhere you can hunt deer you can find quail you just need to locate water. The forest service put in guzzlers years back so if ou can find those you should find some birds. There are some chukar to be had as well but you might need to take a little bit of a drive. As far as pheasant goes it's all farm raised pay to play places. If you want to a few more specific places pm I can point you in a good direction.

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Get a subscription to Western Birds. It gives tons of great info, including guzzler locations for hunting down south. I think you'll find great quail hunting and some chukar in years with good moisture.