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    Question about my now deaf dog...

    I have a 14 year brittany who's hearing has diminished over the past couple years. I always run my dogs with a Garmin GPS to ensure I know their location at any time. When I hunt heavy cattails with 2 dogs, it is very helpful to understand if they are still close. A quick glance at the Garmin...
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    Ducks Unlimited areas

    I have noticed additional areas on South Dakota's Public Hunting on-line map that are marked as "Ducks Unlimited". When I click on these areas the comments are either "Driving on harvested fields allowed for waterfowl decoy placement and disabled hunter permit holders" or "No restrictions"...
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    Looking for a Pointing Dog Trainer in the Midwest

    Looking for a pointing dog trainer for my Brittany. I live in Indiana and looking for a trainer in the Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee area. The trainer that I have used for nearly 30 years has retired. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Dog Kennel

    I am looking to replace my current galvanized chain link dog kennel with a welded wire dog kennel to meet HOA requirements. Preference is for the kennel to be painted black. However, I can have the kennel custom painted. Does anyone know of kennel manufacturers who sell welded wire kennels?
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    King Farms

    Does anyone know if King Farms is still in operation? Their website has been taken down and I could not reach anyone by phone. Any information would be appreciated.
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    Back up Battery

    Looking for ideas. Hate to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. Simple solution is to carry a second truck battery in the vehicle. However, if you have Tahoe with no reasonable outside storage, could sulfuric acid gases collect inside the vehicle to a dangerous or...
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    Report on my SD Trip

    Hunted 4 days (M-Th) around the Huron area. All public areas and no road hunting. Solo hunter with 2 dogs. I averaged 2 birds a day and saw roughly 10 to 12 birds per day. Missed only 2 roosters for the week. Split of 50/50 roosters vs hens. Hunted 12 different spots and only encountered...
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    Is the population of skunks up this year? Hunt 3 fields and saw 7 skunks. Unfortunately, my young dog got sprayed. Had enough hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix for a good bath in field. Went to Wal-Mart for more supplies and they were nearly sold out. Two more baths and 95% of the...
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    First Time to Kansas

    After 10 plus years of going to South Dakota, I am thinking about Kansas for next season. I was looking for recommendations on towns with variety of hotels and restuarants where I can base myself. In South Dakota, I used to stay in Huron and travel to DeSmet or Miller or Redfield areas to...
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    Hunting Report for the week of Nov 5th

    Got back on Saturday after a week of pheasant hunting north of Miller, south of Redfield and north of Huron on either WIA, GPA, or CREP. Hunting by myself and 2 brittany's...we were able to point about 10 to 18 birds per day. Unfortunately, only 7 of those birds were roosters. We were able to...
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    DC 40 Collar

    Has anyone had issues with the DC 40 Collar holding a charge? My collar appears to have a battery that will not hold a charge or the unit is not shutting down completely when I turn it off. The unit is current on all software updates. Let me know if you have had similar problems. Thank you.
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    Garmin Astro

    On the lastest issue of PDJ, I saw an ad for Garmin Astro dog tracking system. I know very little about this product except for its release date of June 2007. I know Garmin makes a good project. Has anyone have any experience with this Astro tracking system? I have a new dog that I will be...