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  • I'm so sorry I just now saw this message. If you are still on here yes you can get into some coveys on public land. Both Bois darc and Talbot conservation areas have some coveys. You may have to work a little but they're out there. I moved up to the STL area now. I would check out Bois darc. It's closer and I actually found more covey's there. Just don't go by the sunflower fields because they get so much dove hunting pressure that no covey's hang around there. I've seen a covey's kind of behind the headquarters. Also up the road past the gun range you can park at some of the spots and get in to birds. More of the habitat where the birds feel safe seems better and less of the food sources. But I haven't been out there in two years now so it could have changed. Good luck with your dog. I hope ya get some.
    Good morning I live in Branson and see where you are hunting quail near springfield. Is that public or private land. I just bought a 8 week old setter pup. Would love to have someplace close to get her into some wild birds this fall. thanks
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