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    What are your plans this year?

    I'll be in SC for the opener. May come back up again later in the year if it works out.
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    Why hasn’t the brood report been posted?

    Purely anecdotal, but I saw more birds while dove hunting and the landowner has been seeing more birds this year. Western portions of SC region.
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    Why hasn’t the brood report been posted?

    I didn’t think they were even gonna post a report. Back in the day it came out in early September.
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    Fall Turkey

    I'm trying to picture my little shorthair zipped up in a pillowcase.
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    New 2020-2021 WIHA map is out

    Yea I noticed they hadn’t posted it yet. I actually saw quite a few young birds while driving around on our dove hunt. Was in the western portion of the central region... Edwards Co. I’d like to think things in that area are a little better. Farmer has been seeing quite a few this summer...
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    New 2020-2021 WIHA map is out

    Been a decade now since anything real promising.
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    Is it worth it?

    I would love to go to SD. It is on my bucket list. If I had time to fit it in I’d go for sure!
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    Question about my now deaf dog...

    My 13.5 year old gsp has pretty much lost all of his over the last year. I lost him for 4 days a couple of weeks ago. Got a call from some deer hunters that found him. I had pretty much decided that he had crawled up and died somewhere. He still has some spunk. I run a Garmin Astro. That's...
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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    Yea they'll pick at the grit and gravel.
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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    That could be more than one brood being raised by him while she continues to nest. 27 is likely more than one clutch. That many chicks with the male is a good sign. I spoke to a biologist back in 2015 (bumper crop of bobs in western ok that year) And he said they had documented that type of...
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    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    Really good trail cam pics!
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    Hey duckn66

    Just sent you a message. Sorry I missed it a few weeks ago.
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    Bobwhite Sudy

    Thought some of you would enjoy this.
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    BPS 16 Gauge

    I recently became interested in a BPS and managed to track down one in 16 Ga. They're not the easiest to find. Just got the gun today and have one weekend of bird season left here in Oklahoma. It's built on their 20 Ga frame and handles nice. Hopefully I can hit some birds with it. I have...
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    After years of searching for the perfect bird hunting glove that keeps my hands and fingers warm and allows me to still feel some detail, I have found what I think is the perfect glove. I have an uncle that is a retired F 15 pilot and he snagged me a pair of flight gloves. They work great...