Youth Pheasant Season

If I read correctly, South Dakota allows youth to hunt Pheasants from September 24th to October 2nd this year. Has anybody taken any youth hunters out at all this year? Was just curious what the boots on the ground report was.
Have not been out in a couple of years for youth hunt, but have fond memories of years past. It is a great time - birds are completely uneducated, public land is just as good as private, and you have the entire state to yourself - never ran into another group in 5 years doing it. Kids would have a blast.

It can give you inflated expectations for the rest of the season though - Every field was fresh and loaded for youth opener. Many days it was 1 field and off to the bar - even with teenagers whiffing half the shots. 2 weeks later for the non-res opener was very different - back to the old 'burning boot leather'.
My nephew is now 27.He would have benefited from a youth hunt.
I'm 39. I would have benefited from the youth waterfowl and deer hunts that Minnesota currently has too. Or the 48 day spring turkey season they allow youths to partake in until they fill a tag...

When I wanted to hunt, I went on opener like everyone else who bought a license.
My dad was Air Force and when I was about that 12-16 year old range he put me in every youth hunt he could find in California. Having that success at a young age I think is critical for young hunters to experience. My oldest is 10 but when he’s 12 I would seriously consider coming to so dak just to let him hunt.
Took Ace (3) & Leah (15) out for a real quick hunt at the tail end of the day yesterday. It was still 79 degrees, but there was a strong breeze that made it quite comfortable, at least for the humans. Hunted about 50 minutes on a piece of CREP ground with really gorgeous nesting, light roosting cover. We didn't see a single identifiable rooster, but Ace found 10-12 hens & other birds that were quite young. He caught & killed one that was maybe 6 weeks old. I suppose it could've been a hen, but it had no identifiable rooster color. I do know it was considerably smaller than any bird I've ever shot. Either way, he seemed pleased. Although windy, it was a gorgeous little hunt, we had fun, & it felt great to be back out after them. I think it's going to be another great season!
(Note: We saw places where they'd actually begun picking corn. Not cutting for silage. Picking!! It'll be out early this year.)
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