Who's ready for dove season

You should have to post a picture of that cool looking DW every time you update your countdown...
I'm ready!
Haven't hunted dove in years, but I bought two season passes for a dove lease this year. Hope there's gonna be some birds around!
3 or 4 weeks ago my place was loaded and they left

That's frustrating.
There is supposed to be a front come down in about a week, right before the season starts. Right now the forecast is for a high of 88 on opening day (compared to 103 for Monday) I'll believe it when I see it at this point.
Looks like a good opening weekend hunt!
Mine definitely wasn't.....shot at one bird opening morning. Didn't bother going back until yesterday morning, and I didn't shoot at all. Might try an evening hunt this coming week. Need some fronts to start pushing birds down.