Whoa command training for labs/flushers


Does anyone on here have their lab trained with The whoa command? I have always thought of that command for more of the pointing breeds but curious as to what others do with their labs or pointers to slow them down via the whoa command.


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Any command that can be used to slow a dog down is valuable - just my 2 cents. I use the buzzer on his collar which works, along with a command. Whoa sounds a little like no so it can be confusing for the dog.

I'm sure you'll get lots of responses to your question...


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Mine are trained to sit to whistle, or collar vibrate...but now that I think about it, I will say "easy" when they're birdy and I'm close to them...otherwise I try not to talk to them too much in the field.


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Well, I just teach mine to "sit" on the whistle. Sit means sit, and by golly you don't move til I say so.

Exactly, there in no "Whoa" or "stay" command for a flushing dog, no need.

When they are paying attention to what they are doing, but I need to give a command, but don't want to use voice or whistle, I make a clicking sound with my tongue to get the dog's attention, then use a hand signal.