What else do you hunt?


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I know there are a fair amount of turkey hunters on this forum.

What else though, I'm wondering.

In addition to pheasants, I also hunt deer and turkeys (spring). I used to waterfowl hunt but haven't done it the last 3 years.

What else do you hunt?
In the past I've hunted waterfowl, various upland birds, turkey, rabbits, varmints, antelope, deer, elk and moose. Now, at 76, I'm down to pheasants, sharpies and an occasional Hun.
Anything I can eat that challenges my abilities and skills with the exception of coyotes.

I've seen more damned coyotes than I can hope to remember. I saw a gorgeous coyote while hunting mule deer in the Rockies. He trotted toward me. I concealed myself behind sage. I had my .270 Win's scope's crosshairs on its chest. I didn't shoot.

Utah has a bounty on coyotes. They decimate fawn and elk calf populations. They breed faster than government creates new bureaucracies. Now I kill every damned coyote I see. When I'm shotgun hunting, if it's legal, I'll carry a few buckshot loads for coyotes.
Turkeys, ducks a couple times a year, and prairie chickens when I hit the lottery. I really want to get a ruffled grouse someday.
Back in the day, hunted almost exclusively, phez. Hunted waterfowl (not alot) until phez season opened. Shot a few turkeys during phez season. Was funnier than hell watching dogs try to retrieve a big turkey. Very, very, little deer.
Pretty much needs feathers for me to care. Turkey in the spring and anything upland in the fall. I deer hunt every year but if someone told me I had to stop I wouldn't cry about it like I would bird hunting. Ducks on occasion with some buddies when they field hunt. I don't have interest in stinky ponds and sketchy boats anymore haha
It depends on the decade--
In my youth - 60s - it was rabbits, quail, ruff grouse. There were no deer, turkey or elk where I lived then.
Deer season started in the early 70s, gun but I got completely hooked on bow hunting - buck only for years.
Turkey showed up 10 years later.
Pheasant hunting started in KS in 1995, but quickly switched to SD.
Archery elk disease got me bad. Several trips to Montana.
Now pretty much just pheasants last 10 years.
I hunt everything from squirrels in KY behind dogs to back country elk in Hell's Canyon ID. I love the interaction hunting elk and turkeys but I love watching my dogs work upland birds. Last hunt for roosters this weekend then shed hunting and turkey scouting begins.

It's a year round sickness so do it while you still can!

That is Kevin Murphy to my right in the Squirrel Fest pic. Squirrel fest A team.jpgJosie  Rich Greensburg1.jpg2017 Hell's Canyon Bull.jpg2018rioreaper2.jpg2022ksbuck.jpg
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When I’m not shooting upland birds I chase clay targets and long range paper targets. 🤣

Deer with my colonial flintlock rifle.
Pheasants and quail are my passion. I hunt deer a little, really only when one of my sons wants to go. I hunted squirrel for the same reason (son wanted to go) this year for the first time in decades. I've done some waterfowling over the years, but none this year or last and I don't really intend to do any in the future. Turkeys have never interested me. That's fishing season. I'll sneak in a day maybe every other year to shoot prairie dogs. That's not really hunting, though.
Watching my dogs work is number one priority so that falls to pheasant or other upland bird hunting as my main. Next would be shed hunting and the dogs participate in that also which is why it's my number 2 hunting priority. Deer hunting, actually deer watching is my other thing I enjoy but now that my daughter is in college that has lost some of its allure for me.
My passion is ‘bird’ hunting. Birds being quail and pheasants.

Doves to kick off the season.

Waterfowl because we don’t have quail anymore.

Love to hear gobblers at daybreak.

I deer hunt because I feel the need to use my deer rifles and love making jerky, sausage, and pastrami.

Whitetail locally every year.

Got my first muley last year.

Got one elk but it’s fun to hear them bugle in early October.

Coyotes and bobcats are fun to call. Would like to call in a fox but never have, not a ton around.

Squirrels and rabbits with a good .22 is hard to beat.

If I had to choose one though, it’s “birds”