what a season

as the season comes to a close this week, i think it has been quite the hunting season...several more hours in the field this year with the nice weather. a whole lot more birds than in the past, not quite like the 80's, but i really believe we are getting there, with the help of this winter, and a good spring , i cant wait for next year !!!
i do have one question? this weekend and last weekend during my hunts, same places i have been hunting all year, lots and lots of private crp ground, i havent seen the birds !!!!! where do you guys think they are hiding out at.?
Considering the slow start to the season especially- yep, great season!

Given one of my last days was in the 50s, I think they were just running like hell...
lol. i tried to find where you guys that responded were from, not smart enough i guess... but cattails are one thing we dont really have any of, unless your on the marsh, decoys out, and hunting ducks. have a good winter