Western MN


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Hey everyone we are going to be heading out to the Lac qui Parle area this week doing some pheasant hunting on public land mostly. Wondering if any one has been out in that area this year yet and if they have some idea on bird numbers. I know on what the DNR put out it looks like they should be good amount of birds. I got my 9 year old son coming (first hunting trip ) and my brother in-law hunting with me. I have always gone out to SW North Dakota to chase pheasants but decided to stay closer to home this year. Let me know if you got any tips or reports for the area or tips on privet land they wont brake the bank thanks.
Unlike the Dakotas I see very few roosters (or even hens) on field edges, farmsteads, and roadsides ... but the pheasants are there for those that get out of the truck and walk.
A couple of my old stand-by (go to) public areas have been a little stale the past couple of years. Three of the four birds we took on Friday were on land that I had not hunted before.