U.P. hunt


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was in the U.P. second week of October had great hunt. Limited on woodcock every day....found good # of grouse but never connected on one. Of course they were in the thickest stuff imaginable. Even when they were pointed I couldn't make it happen. lol GREAT TRIP as it was last year as well.

Looks like a great hunting trip. Love the dawg. :)

How much time do you have when the bird is pointed before it takes off? I've heard woodcock are real jumpy.
woodcock? not usually too bad. they will usually hold pretty well unless they have been pressured by other hunters. I did run into some that ran like pheasants and flushed wild up there this year.... this is a sure sign that your "secret" spot is getting hit by other hunters. I have been chasing woodcock for 30 years with pointing dogs...wirehairs and English Pointers...in NJ, PA, VT, ME, MD, New Brunswick Canada, MN, WI, MI, and now IL. I have seen them sit soo tight you could pick them up in your hands and I've watched them run as fast as their stubby little legs could carry them...over fallen tree branches and through thickets....I love those goofy little birds. I have probably thousands of pictures of woodcock points, live woodcock that were pointed...during hunting and Spring dog training...as well as harvested woodcock....that's alotta woodcock lol