Trinity Outfitters, Ennis, Texas. Anyone Used Them?


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My Fellow Texans,

I have two young dogs that need more work on live birds. They got to go to South Dakota for ten days with three older dogs this year, so their actual time working birds was about a mere 1/5th of what was available.

I have been looking around for a put-n-take in the DFW area where I might get them some more one on one time with me and some birds.

I found Trinity Outfitters of Ennis, Texas on this site and went to the website.

The part that interested me was that Trinity offers:

"Dog Work Hunts (Half Day)
Your Dog - No Bag Limits, Non-Guided Quail, $200.00, 20 Birds"

This is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for and the price isn't any worse than i expected.

Has anyone ever been to this place? Is it a well run operation? Is it a place where they could put out the 20 birds in a quarter section and give me 4 hours to work the dog on them?

Thanks for any info. Feel free to PM if you don't want to post.
Yeah, it is.

As a relative newcomer here, I am not blessed with TX friends that have land for quail hunting. Tough to find anyone that wants to share good bird ground in any state, isn't it?

I am not in on any "quail leases" nor do I wish to be.

The public access areas around the metroplex are mainly dove fields with few places that allow quail hunting. The area around lake Ray Roberts is open for quail but I have to assume it gets hit pretty hard as close as it is to the metroplex.

I'm mainly interested in working the dogs. With limited time available, this place is pretty close and it assures that the dogs will be in an area with birds, albeit pen raised quail. The Lab line I have has been almost 100% natural pointers; I want to encourage that with more contacts.

So that's my line of thinking. Short travel, very (extremely?) high probability of the dogs finding birds and...they'll just let me do my thing with my own dogs. I'll probably give it at least one pass and see what I think.
A friend of mine just got back from North central Texas. Says they put up 112 coveys in 3 days! I've never been a part of anything like that. He said there were just as many on public ground as private. He also said every door they knocked on let em go hunting as long as the landowners got some of the bag. He said twice they couldn't find the landowner when they knocked. People living in the house didn't own the land.
Well, that is an amazing number of coveys.

I have to say I've never heard it was easy to get private permission anywhere around here but I might have to give that a try and see for myself.

I was looking at the maps of public land within about 2 hours of here and a lot (most?) don't allow quail hunting. A lot of dove fields though.
He said they were about 5 hours from Dallas. He's an avid quail hunter and he said he was being conservative on the 112 covey's pushed. He said if there was a chance it was the same covey or if it was 2 groups close together he counted it as 1. 4 of em shot 163 birds in 3 days! He said they quit hunting singles after day 1.
If it is too good to be true...

Just figured out that hunting for 3 days at 8 hours p/day (with no breaks-straight through), a total of 24 hours, it figures out to 4.67 coveys p/hour of hunting. Now something is rotten in Denmark and in TX. That's the best laugh I have had in a while.. Now tell me a Western. Someone must be hittin-da-pipe!!!
Yes it appears he was "having me on" as the Brits say.

I thought maybe the "112" was a typo and 12 was the intended number. The "five hours from Dallas" seemed odd as well; five hours from Dallas puts you in Houston. "The 163 birds" seemed unusual as well.

Being relatively new to the site, I took him at his word. I tend to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Clearly the joke's on me and that's OK. :)
No joke intended anywhere! I wasn't there, but what I was told. This guy being an avid hunter and a friend to back him up. I believe it. Why would he lie about it? They were not anywhere close to Dallas, so I made a mistake on location but I guess everyone's allowed their own opinions. Will not put any future posts in the Texas forum. Sounds like you Texans need to get out and explore the state a little more. I checked the town, it's 4 hours and 53 minutes from Dallas.
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You all can have your laughs. I am not the fella that PheasantWhisperer was talking about but I moved 108 coveys like this in early December:

Day 1: Arrive at lease at about 2:00 pm, hunting by 2:45 until 4:45 - 16 coveys.

Day 2: Hunting by 7:45, hunt until about 12:15 until a dog gets hurt - take dog to vet. Get back from vet, get started hunting about 2:45. Stop hunting a hair after 5:00 p.m -- 34 coveys.

Day 3: Start hunting around 8:00 a.m. Hunt all day, few interruptions, quick "snack" lunch. End the day a little after 5:00 had a dog run off from the truck and point a covey. That last covey was the 52nd covey of the day. We saw three more coveys on the drive out of the lease.

Day 4: Get started at 8:00. Hunt for about 2 hours, move 6 coveys. Hit the road for the drive back home.

That's roughly 5.75 coveys per hour or a covey every 10 minutes. And it was every bit of that, I can assure you.

On our 52 covey day, we had one walk that was just amazing. We were in birds before we could put shells in the gun and moved our last covey about 60 yards from the truck and literally had 4 occasions when both dogs were on point 100 + yards away from one another on separate coveys.

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Either you are an idiot or a troll. I'll let you pick. For the others, take a look at the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch and follow Dr. Rollins on what has happened in west Texas.
And the cow jumped over the moon..

I believe him.

Our group went 2nd week of January. Didn't reach his covey count, but then again we were limited out by early afternoon 2 of 3 days. Oftentimes resembled a dove hunt. was great for the puppies. Not often you can put a check cord on a young dog and work them on wild birds.
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My last post in this thread was just an internet faux pas on my part.

I had sent PheasantWhisperer a PM requesting a general area to start my search, asking no specifics. I knew he had gone afield hunting but after a bit he was apparently back and posting in various parts of the forum. Some time passed and there was no reply to the PM or in this thread and I made an _ass_upmtion. We all know what happens when one assumes.

So, just another mistake and I just go on.

I have read about Rolling Plains before. I was aware that this year was reported as very good for quail in West Texas. Reading the personal experiences and more RPQRR reports it appears it was beyond "very good" and into "outstanding".

Missed my chance this year as work is overwhelming right now but hopefully there's always next year.

Thanks for the reports.
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