This looks innovative


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Hi all,

I ran across this product on the sportsman's channel website. It integrates e-collar technology into your shotgun. It looks like it would be great for pointers in the field or training by yourself.

This product isnâ??t out yet but the company is giving away a free shotgun in exchange for some market feedback.

Check out the video, I think it looks pretty cool.




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Looks like a gimic to me. If a hunter needs something like that to control his dog then he has not put enough effort into the dog to begin with. I have never had the situation arise in the field that they present as the problem they product can solve.

If a hunter is not squared away with his tools before he steps away from the truck then that hunter has not been in the field very long. As for e-collar use being a safety hazard all I can say is Bunk.

The people shown in the video do not belong in any hunting party I would be associated with.

Even if the product had redeeming value how would you change the signal strength or stimulus option if you had to with the transmitter out of reach?

That product will never be in my hunting gear. They can send me my new shotgun though. I could sell it and pay for at least three years of out of state license fees.


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I've seen this discussed on other sites - one thing that has been pointed out is the (un)safety issue of fumbling for buttons other than your safety and your trigger while hunting. I can imagine shotgun barrels pointing in all kinds of different directions they shouldn't be while users look for buttons on the shotgun while trying to keep an eye on the dog. I don't use an e-collar, but I have not heard that this is a particuarly great problem from guys I now who use them. I can't imagine it's much different from me fumbling for my whistle. You never know though - I've been suckered into some crazy gimmicks in my life - maybe there will be enough folks out there looking for a new toy for the 09 season...


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Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks. Has anyone ever seen a pheasant blocking dummy? I haven't, I'm wondering if there is one for sale or if anyone even makes them?