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Hows it going, im new to the board i just found the site so i thought i would give a shout. I avidly hunt pheasants in the yakima area with my GSP Maggie allways looking for a new hunting buddy.The res hasnt been that good to me
this year but north dakota was.Im going to keep walking fields till the 31st.
Welcome to UPH, why don't you make a post in "introductions". That way all the member will get to meet you. It is nice to see another pointer hunter on the forum...........Bob
Welcome to UPH

I'm new to thus forum as well. Located by Seattle. New to the whole upland hunting. And got a 12 month weim that has hunt drive just needs instruction and apparently introduction to live birds. I too am in need of basic instruction if you got any pointers.
Welcome again to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Eric, nice to see you here.....Bob

I checked out this site last year and didn't see much going on here. I thought I would try it again. I do a lot of hunting on the Western Release sites. I would love to try our luck on wild birds. I hunt with my three Vizslas.