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Last week I had to put my hunting companion Doc down. He was an English Setter and at thirteen his health was going down hill. Doc and I had bird hunted in three states and had some wonderful tales over the years. But, the time had come. I called a local hunting preserve here in the Grand Rapids Michigan area, Fruitridge Pheasant Farm, and set up a one bird hunt. (Doc could only go about fifteen minutes and his back legs would give out). I then called the vet and set up the appointment. To make a long story short, I arrived at the Fruitridge about ten minutes early, and Doc and I waited. We waited for over an hour and I had made several calls to the place with no answer. Finally I got the number to another Hunting preserve about 30 minutes away. I just did not want to put my buddy down with out his last day being a good one. I called Pine Hill Sportsmans club. The owner Scott was so gracious and nice he had me come over, he picked out his best rooster and took me with him to plant it. Doc and I had a wonderful hunt and spent the last quality time together.

On the way to the vet Fruitridge called me. he stated and I quote " it was cold this morning so I assumed you were not coming."

I can safely say I will never use Fruitridge Pheasant Farm again and I will recommend to any hunter I know not to use them. From now on Pine Hill will get my business.
Yeah, well....

I often think that a person has to have that sort of relationship with his dog to understand what you're feeling now.

Nothing quite like that partnership, nor that feeling of loss.

Best wishes.
When I hear people say "that was only a dog" I know that their heart was owned by THE DOG. That was a great way for Doc to cross the rainbow bridge!! RIP Doc !!!
Thanks for all the well wishes on Doc. Just thought I would attach a pic so everyone could see him. This was an Iowa trip and we had a good day.
FULL FLIGHT, Doc was a good looking dog. I feel your pain.R.I. P. DOC. Get yourself a pup as soon as possible it will help, IM speakinf from 50 years of experience with losing dogs. SCOTTY
i'm on my sixth dog and it tends to make me reflect on my own mortality.
for myself, i wonder how many more times i want go through that.part of gettin old,i guess ,too many memories
sorry for your loss
R.I.P. Doc.

My first lab was named Doc, I got him second hand, the first owners kids called him Dr. Pepper but Doc was all I ever called him. I only bring this up as he was only dog I ever knew with that name. When I would take him to the vet, at first I didn't understand the looks the vet would give me when I gave Doc commands like Doc SIT and Doc STAY! The vet obviously thought I was talking to him, LOL!

Glad to hear you got that last hunt in before he left for a better place...

Gosh, what a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of the last hunt and will remember that when the time comes. That Iowa picture is what it's all about. I don't know how Old Doc was in that picture, but he was "all business" then. Thanks a lot.