the first for 2012


Well the first hunt of the year for me went well. My setter Cool Hand Luke and I put up 5 woodcock and 8 grouse today. My buddy Mike was able to shoot a grouse and so was I. It was a windy day thought we could hear some others flushing ahead of us but hard to tell with all the wind. Will post some pictures after I go back out on Sunday with hopes of bagging a few woodcock too.
Happy pup, Cool Hand:10sign:
Congrats on the birds.:thumbsup:
UP hunt

I went to the UP on Oct 6th and hunted for four days two hunts per day. Day one I arived around 11:30am and went right out the cabin door after two hours of hunting I saw nothing and in the next two hours I shot 16 shells for two woodcock. I tell ya those are expensive little birds LOL

I ended up shooting two grouse and three more woodcock and about another half box of shells had a great time.

Off to SD on Dec 1st for some pheasant hunting on private land. This will be my 8th or 9th time out and this year I think will be the first I dont hunt any public land. I will be hunting with three dogs a setter a short hair and a lab. there will be seven hunters Two of the guys out this year will be new to our party They know of a land owner not far from where our normal land owner is. Its a small world these guys only live a few miles from me in Michigan and hunt only a few miles from where we hunt all the way out west.

Best part about this years plans is that my dad will be coming along too. This will be his fourth trip to SD he has missed the last four years. My dad is the one who got me into all of this bird hunting bussiness and has taken me on my first trip out west to Iowa and second trip to Nebraska and then off to SD. My father and I started going out west when I was 14 and as soon as I could afford to go by myself I was going with or with out him. I'm 33 and he is 58 now and I hope he will come along for the rest of the hunts we plan in SD. I'm so excited I can't wait