Thanks Michigan

Got back on Friday from the UP. I thought we did pretty well. There were 2 guys in the group that brought 8 boxes of shells a piece thinking they were gonna shoot them all. Well, they may have been disappointed but I wasn't. My trip fell through but the guiding trip went on as planned. There were 4 guys and me. But I didnt carry a gun other than one day. I did get 3 "pats" that day. In 4 days we got 22 ruffs and 13 woodcock. I thought the woodcock would be more plentiful than what they were. The "shooters" should have had their limits most everyday except one on grouse. Saw a ton on private and public ground. The ones on private were less spooky. Only one guy was a pretty good shot. Dogs did well. Had a lot of points, a lot of good retrieves, and no wolf sightings!
Glad you enjoyed god's country across the mighty mac!!! As mentioned above- I think a lot of the WC have moved south so you missed the main flight in the UP. I was in Grayling and hunted 5 hours and we found 15 WC. Some were 3-4 bird coveys. Never experienced that before.
Yeah I found em here in Missouri when I got back so I figured they were moving south. I would we found almost all the WC on private land. Maybe one or two on public. But the grouse were about equal on both.