Sundays morning hunt

Wow! There are some long tail feathers on some of those birds. Did they have long spurs to match?
Any pictures of the spurs?:)

For several years back in the 1990's, I hunted a couple of counties west of you in Parmer County, Texas. The pheasant hunting was good and the birds were WILD with lots of explosive, cackling flushes. I shot a rooster that had a 22 1/4" tail feather one year, and he's hanging right above my desk in my office as I type this.

I'm glad the pheasants are rebounding in the Texas panhandle!
I'm glad you've had consistently good numbers over the years! It has been lean and mean in most of other panhandle counties during that time.

I hunted up around Hereford and Umbarger in Deaf Smith County for two years in a row back around 2008 - 2010. The last year we hunted there I walked every field one day (didn't ever block) and shot one rooster all day. It was the only time I even took my gun off safety all day and was the only bird that I even had an attempt at. I cancelled my hunt the next day and while I was driving back home that evening told myself I wouldn't hunt pheasants again in the Texas panhandle until the numbers were at least decent.

The way it looks, I may need to head up to the panhandle in the near future, if I can find somebody to hunt on. Do you know if they still do the hunts out around Lazbuddie through the Volunteer Fire Department there or up around Pampa?
Well, thank you for the invitation! Keep me posted on the dates.

I have two English Pointers that would like to join in on the hunt, would it be okay if I brought them?
Good hunt! Thanks for posting your photo. Great to hear wild ringnecks are bouncing back down there in the Panhandle:).