Snake questions

Last year I took a retirement trip through Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Came back and the stock market tanked so I went back to work. Now I need another retirement trip and was thinking of trying for chukars and valley quail in Idaho. However snakes scare the c#$% out of me for my dogs. I know I deal with bears routinely, but there is no way I can think of to train them to avoid snakes. How can I avoid them, are some areas worse than others, What time of year is best to avoid them? Oh and blue-green algae worries me too, how bad is that?
Snake Breaking is probably the best option. You can also get the dog vaccinated. The vaccine isn't a cure all but it will generally buy you more time to get the dog to a vet if it's bit. The following is a YouTube link showing Web Pardon snake breaking dogs. Web is suppose to be the best at this.
Snake breaking would be a great option, but there are no snakes in Alaska and I'm not sure about the legality of bringing one in. Then there is the problem of very few days when the temperature would be high enough for the snake to move. Unless we did it inside. How well does the vaccine work and what are the side affects?