Ruff Grouse in NW Wyoming are awesome


I realize this is a pheasant forum but it seems like there are posts for other upland birds so here is one on ruff grouse in Wyoming. I have hunted NW Wyoming for Ruff Grouse about 25 years now. There is really some outsanding grouse hunting in Wyoming. I have hunted them from near the Pinedale area up into the Snake River Canyon to inbetween Grand Teton and Yellowstone Natl parks. With the exception of a several years ago, when the numbers seemed to decline for some reason (probably a grouse cycle of some kind), I have always had great hunting for ruffies. This last winter was a bad one with lots of snow but I just got back from a trip (9-8/10-2023) and the numbers are really good, even better than last year. Lots of large broods and I killed almost all young of year birds. I hunt with labrador but a good pointing dog, esp a Brittany, would be even better on these birds. Lots of fast shooting and plenty of flushes. In 3 days I got well over 35 flushes and I was hunting about 3-4 hours each day. I never see anyone else hunting these birds when I am out there. The area inbetween Teton and Yellowstone has always been especially good and has some great habitat. It also has some grizzly bears and I have heard wolves; trully wild country, but be careful and take some bear spray. Take a GPS since you can get turned around in the mixed forrest and willow swamps where these birds prefer to live. Hunting along the edge of willows with mixed aspen, alders, forbes, and pine trees is where you find them. I hunt a lot of birds all over the west but hunting these birds at this time of year every year is always one of my favorite hunts. Some pictures of my recent hunt.Grouse hunting WY 9-8-2023 (4).JPGGrouse hunting WY 9-8-2023 (5).JPGGrouse hunting WY 9-8-2023 (2).JPG
Tats awesome! I have sage and blue grouse hunted in Central WY. A friend of mine who elk hunts in the same general area you described said the same thing. Ruffed grouse are the best eating by far!