Replacing colllar battery in Tri-Tronics Basic Sport G3


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OK, sounds simple, right? Just do a search online, find a site for Tri Tronics, and order away...well, no.

I filled out the form on the Garmin Tri Tronics site and within an hour (good speed) got an email saying "we don't do dog collars."

Uh... Seems like Garmin got the name but is either not working on the old models, or is just focusing on a HUGE range of other electronic GPSs and such.

So, I went to old faithful and reliable Gun Dog Supply, called the phone number listed, and talked to a most helpful and courteous young lady. She got the information from me, took my credit card number, and $29 plus shipping later, it is on the way. (Edit: Turns out to be $29 INCLUDING shipping.)

Since I have the world's worst server, it was a huge relief to get something done in one phone call.

I only use the tone, and the occasional "getcherass back here, I said!" settings, so this battery should last another decade.

Just providing information. Have fun.
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That's sweet. I've been waiting for my Field 90 G2 EXP to quit working. Upgraded to an alpha this year for hunting and want to keep the 90 for training purposes.