Relocation to Spokane

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I am currently considering a job opening in Spokane. Please let me know what the upland hunting is like out there. Thanks for any information.
I'm a bit farther to the SW. WA isn't exactly a pheasant hotspot, but there are birds to be had if you put in the time . . . pheasants, quail, huns, chukar, & mountain grouse are all within reach. It's a long season, also. Spokane has more severe winters than we do in the Tri Cities, but less than you realize now & you'd be close to the mountains, great turkey hunting up north a ways, and lots of fishing opportunities. Good luck with your decision.
I have been looking at the same decision. I recently accepted a position in Pullman WA, Moscow ID. All the stories I have heard is that it is worth it to relocate there. Lots of opportunities for wild birds, several species for my dog to hunt, turkey, elk, moose, salmon. Outdoorsman least what I have been told.
Uh, not much help here, but two things:

Bring your legs, they gotta an under-stated notion of "hilly;"

and, it's just a local thing, but once you live there,

the locals are referred to as "spokes." Kinda fun. :)


Koja nailed it.... drove back to Montana tonight from Lewistown, thru Coeur d Alene, and saw 25 or so elk off the freeway, in 3-4 different locations.... you trade sanity, for money.... seems like a good trade to me!
The fishing is good and the hunting sucks. Spokane is under siege from every illegal drug known to man along with a serious violent crime problem. If you have kids don't do it. Good luck. Also the bird season is plagued with rain October and November.