Ready for the Opener?


Pheasant season opens December 5 in the Texas panhandle. I've got two trips planned to Dumas to hunt with Tim Ballinger.

To get warmed up I made a trip to Kansas. Here are a couple links:

Does anyone else have any trips planned?


I'll be in the Dumas area opening weekend to guide a hunt then off to Spearman to guide the second weekend. Good luck to all who plan to hunt Texas. I've hunted here all my life; however, hunting in Hanston KS last week was the real deal. Thanks to all you KS guys and your state for doing such a good job keeping birds around.
Sounds great. Who are you guiding, JMc?

The cover has improved greatly in Kansas since I grew up there. Back then the fields were plowed, disced, and springtoothed until the wasn't a stalk or weed showing The no-till farming has helped greatly. back then every acre was planted too, even the unproductive or erosive land. The CRP has done a lot improve the whole situation.

My uncle has land in and around Dumas and Spearman. He has hunters from Dallas, Austin, and Houston come in weekend 1. A friend of mine who has an energizer lab and I with my two shorthairs run the dogs for the hunt. I don't carry a gun, just run the dogs. $300 bucks a day for a few days of work for me and the other words, more sneak money for more toys.
Yep, it's great. The city boys all show up and want all the shots, and at $200 per gun/day...I don't mind not carrying for a few days. Most of them are duck hunters and haven't quite figured out the 0-60mph pheasant so there are plenty of birds left...:D
First Time

I'm going with three other guys up to Dumas the weekend of the 18th for a couple of days of pheasant hunting. This will be our first pheasant hunt. We'll be hunting with Tim Ballinger. I've heard there are lots of birds this year. Hope we get our share.