Practice makes perfect


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Or should I say 'perfect practice makes perfect'.

Now that were well into the off season many will be brushing up on some needed dog training, but keeping sharp or improving your wingshooting shouldn't be ignored , besides it's just one more excuse to shoot your shotgun during the off season. Find a skeet field or a station on your local sporting course that simulates the type of shots you will see upland hunting and practice. Shooting a round of Sporting Clays with your buddies while fun and certainly better than doing nothing is not real practice in the true sense of the word. Practice should be geared toward what your NOT good at or a type of shot your not very proficient at.

Two things that are often overlooked but can pay big dividends in increasing your success are the gun mount and footwork. Either one can be practiced at home and at the range.

Here are a couple tips that can be practiced to make perfect.

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