Pointer Trainer in MN

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I am looking for recommendations on a trainer for a pointer. Looking for someone who is good with the softer breeds like Vizslas. Any insight into solid trainers in the area would be good.


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I realize that this is a personal decision, but why not train yourself.

There are good bird dog clubs out there that you share training advise with. Some even have training sessions.

I consider a Brittany to be a soft tempered breed and cannot imagine them in the hands of someone else. Lot's of training on commands at home and in the yard. Get out when you can. Patience, patience, patience ... and believe me ... just like kids you will be tested. Softer breeds need extra care ...

I trained my first Britt at 18 and my dad nor any of his friends owned bird dogs. I have owned 5 more since then. So I am not an expert, but I kill ALOT of birds and my dogs find birds where others do not ...

I am one (I suppose an exception) that does not believe exposure to a pigeon or two a day in the summer results in a better bird dog. They will get there other ways.

Plenty of seminars and classes out there two. Some trainers hold group training sessions for a smaller fee.


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Check out Jodi with Jodi's kennel. She is in St. Francis. She trained my French Brittany, I have since untrained her. But she did a fantastic job would definitely recommend.


We sent our Pudelpointer to Willow Creek Kennels. Our pup is on the soft side (as opposed to the GSP they breed there), but they were very good with him and I think they do a great job teaching dogs to *hunt* not just to pass a field trial.