Pigeons that won't fly


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So I have recently acquired some cast off fancy pigeons to help train my 15 month Brit. Problem is the pigeons don't want to fly making them kinda useless for training. I have a manual launcher but it really doesn't do much good just throws the pigeon up but it doesn't do much flying. Any suggestions on what to use these birds for?
use them for scent training or just be patient maybe they arent quit old enough to fly but if they still dont fly i would use them for scent training

you didnt give enough info about the age of the pidgeons. does your dog catch the birds? i mean does your dog snatch the birds off of the ground? :) if not gcb is right . is your dog, at 15 months , pointing and flushing, or just pointing? i may have jumped the gun here, if so soory
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The birds are mature but don't fly when they are in danger and just sit on the ground. The dog has pointed wild birds and stayed steady for awhile but needs work on steadiness since she likes to flash point then stalk in bumping the birds or doesn't trust her nose looking for a sight point.
Are these the fan tail type pidgeons? If so they aren't much for flying. Try to get some homers or feral pidgeons. The good thing about good homers is if you pass a shot or miss they'll be home before you are.
Homers are the plan for the future. We will be moving soon so I need to wait until after we do that to start my pigeons and do it right. These fancy pigeons are the only ones I really have much access to at the moment. Any thoughts since I have these birds and hope to get something out of them.
Use them for trailing as stated above. Or, and don't laugh, eat them. Just think you're raising them so you know what they eat, probably mostly grain, they taste like a mild dove. Fancy resturaunts pay big money for grained squab, they are very easy to pluck also.