Pheasant forecast


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Hello, fellow Washington Hunters, I am wondering how dos the Pheasant population look after the hatch in Eastern Washington?? I sure hope they had a good hatch to help them bounce back from our severe winter......Bob
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well, i must say i have seen very few pheasants in my adventures around the Columbia Basin, some of the farmers I have been talking with have indicated they too have seen fewer birds...I hope that is only from the stealthy nature of there birds. Quail on the other hand are prolific here this year, and last year, they werent nearly this plentiful...which also makes me have hope for the pheasants.
My son flies a crop duster in the area south of I-90 and reports seeing very few birds compared to prior years.
OAP, You bet'ca, that was really a great game. Now they are trying to say USC is going trough a rebuilding year they are running out of super talents. It could be true, we'll see if they get beat some more......Bob
Hey Bob...can't help with the pheasants is Washington but as an old coach and avid football fan; HOW BOUT THEM HUSKIES...great win against USC!
Yes, it was but the sportcasters are saying USC ran out of super talent and are rebuilding. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later......Bob