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Hello all,
My name is Scott, I live in the Midland area and have been hunting pheasants in the mid-michigan area for the past 25 years.

Made my first trip to South Dakota last year and had a great time. My boys and I went out there twice this year and plan on a couple trips next fall.

We have two labs, Belle and Clark. Belle is 5 years old and Clark is 3 months old. Looking forward to getting the pup out there next season.

Just wanted to say hi and am looking forward to talking with other pheasant hunters.

Hi Scott, welcome to the Forum. I too live in Mich., Flint area, and love to hunt the elusive Ring neck. I try and hunt as close to home as possible,but it seems that new ground attracts me and so I tend to travel in the state. I hunt down state in the Adrian area and also like to go to Tuscola and Laper areas! I have a new Vizsla this year, 1 yr. old and what a joy I have had with him! I'm not much into planted birds, but will go when season ends to keep the pup into birds! Hope to see you in the field someday, or maybe we can get together and do some chasing! Hope you had a Great year, and aim for the eyes! Good luck, Rod:10sign:
"The thumb?"

I lived in Royal Oak, MI for about 5 years. Had a friend that had farm ground in the "thumb" area of MI. He always said there were a few birds around that area. That was about 28 years ago. Are there any parts of MI that have decent wild bird populations?
Well, no, not like we are hearing in other states. I have only been serious about Pheasant hunting for about 7 yrs. now. Used to hunt Pat up north alot though. I have had a 50-60 bird flush one time since I have been hunting and that was around the Adrian area on private land! I have had to work hard for what I get, not complaining, but would like the flushes to be like out west. It's hard to find Farmers that will give you permission to hunt anymore! Guess I can't blame them. Still enjoy the sport, seeing the dog work and getting out in the fields, and most of the time it's exercise, not that I don't need it!lol I guess I can go to the Pheasant Farms, but nothing like seeing a wild one flush!!!! So no to your question, but they are coming back!! Hope you had a good season.
Welcome! I have hunted in Coleman just outside of Midland. We used to get Ruff Grouse, and Ring Neck in the same area. 100 acres of private land surrounded by corn fields. Now I hunt down state but maybe next year we could hook up in Coleman.:cheers: