Opening Day ?!?


Wow. Opening day, and not a peep. Either a comment on this forum, or pheasant hunting in Colorado. Speaking of which, being on the Western Slope I didn't get out for the B-52s, but I did manage to get into a few quail. Yes, Virginia, there really are Gambel's quail in Colorado. Should have had at least a half dozen, oh well. At least my girl got the cobwebs out of her nose.


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I’m headed out to eastern colorado on Monday night. Not expecting much as the last few years have been rough.
Really cool that you got some gambles. I had no idea
Good for you! I'm not giving up on the big birds either, will be out over Thanksgiving week somewhere east of I-25.
The private land I have access to out east told me not to bother as they haven’t seen any Pheasants since June, really sad. So I’m heading to one of the Dakotas next week and will swing back through their farm on thanksgiving to walk a couple of fields with them for old times sake. Good luck!
Ps, nice job on those Gambels. I’ve seen them in CO, just haven’t gone hunting for them.
Went out Saturday and Sunday morning. First field saw 5 roosters - next 10 didnt see anything. Saw 3 coveys of bobwhite and took a few out of one group. Any good looking cover had 3 groups of bootprints through it. Not giving up hope just yet, they are out there still.
We managed to get out to eastern Colorado (private farm land) and has some success. Tough hunting lots of searching. It gave my 11 month GSP some good experience and my 7 yr old had a blast. Not sure I will go back until some good snow hits. Below are some photos of the outing.
Got out the last few days. Birds were indeed pretty scarce. Did a fair bit of scouting/traveling, finally found an area that seemed to hold a good number. Came home with two roosters and 5 quail. Should have had a couple more pheasant, lost two some very deep brush - even two dogs couldn't come up with them - grrr! Might go once more before end of season, especially if they get some snow on the ground.