On the go dog bowls

I'm just looking for reccomendations for some good bowls for on the go dog feeding/watering. I always have a water bottle in the vest for the dog, but sometimes on farther away trips need to feed/water her at WMA parking lots etc. In the past have just used tupperware containers, but have now thought of buying something to permanently fit the need.


I also don't feed during hunts. I keep a jug of fresh water for the dog in the truck and have a couple of the black disposible microwave bowls that come with some kind of asian food that my son eats. Would work for food too. They don't weigh anything and just pull them out of the recycle bin at home, so no cost.


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We carry collapsible bowls that I found at Pet Smart in our vests, takes up no room and great for watering in the field. I leave a couple smaller heavy rubber feed/water bowls and a collapsible 2.5 gallon water jug in my truck all the time. Buy both at Tractor Supply...


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I carry water with me in a squeeze bottle. I also have a water bowl that tips on it's side so that water falls inside doesn't leak out. Then I tip it over on the ground and the dogs drink out of it. Great tool to have.
I don't feed the dog mid hunt. I'm was looking for dishes to use when away from home. I have fed breakfast some mornings at a WMA parking lot. I know from past reading many hunt their dogs hungry. Up to this point I have kept her on the same schedule as every other day, one meal at breakfast and one at dinner. Although I have taken day trips on a pheasant hunt, I live in the MN metro, and so often when I go on a hunt it is a "gone for the weekend" affair. In the morning I try and feed her right away at my lodging, and sometimes if we hunt until sunset, I will feed dinner in the lot right after the hunting ends. I try to do what is right for the dog, and always open to new ideas. I have read past threads concerning watering in the field. I will look at the ruff land water hole, seems like a good idea. As always, thanks to everyone sharing info. :)


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I use a smaller metal bowl I picked up at Petco or somewhere for feeding while traveling. At a motel I use the ice bucket as an in-room water bowl. For watering afield I carry a small plastic bowl and 1.5 liters of water in a plastic bottle in the game bag of my vest.