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Swamp Collie

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I recently inherited from my father a Savage Fox Model B shotgun that was manufactured in the early 1960's. Nothing fancy about the gun or its monetary value but it holds many special memories in the field with my Dad. Is it safe to shoot steel shot through this gun? The reason I am asking is most of the areas that I upland hunt require the use of non-toxic ammo. For folks out there with the older double barrel shotguns what type of non-toxic ammo do you shoot and the best success with? Thank you for any assistance.


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If it's choked imp cyl and mod maybe,with smaller steel shot
If it's choked mod full and most definitely not approved for steel shot
So you could open the chokes if you really wanted to use steel

Swamp Collie

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The gun is choked modified and Full and I would really like to keep it as is. I have never use any non toxic shot other than steel so just wondering what other folks may be using with their older guns that hunt on required non toxic shot areas.
Swamp -- You might post your question on the shotgun world web site. Not saying you won't get good info on here but lots of knowledgeable folks on that site.

I would GUESS you could use #4 steel and smaller and be just fine.

Good luck.
I shoot steel shot through an older 16 gauge Stevens 5100. I reamed open the chokes some to reduce the possibility of barrel damage. I know full well that I do so at my own risk. The gun owes me nothing and holds no sentimental value. I am capable of soldering the ribs back on if they should separate.

If you are not willing to do that but still want to use nontoxic shot in the gun, check out Kent Bismuth.

Cabelas has it on sale right now in their After-Christmas Sale: http://www.cabelas.com/product/shooting/ammunition/shotgun-ammunition/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104567580/kent-bismuth-shotshells-per-box/2263462.uts?slotId=0

Olden Cranky

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Look into Tungsten Matrix by Kent Cartridges: http://kentgamebore.com/waterfowl-loads/tungsten-waterfowl.html


Bismuth also by Kent. http://www.cabelas.com/product/KENT-BISMUTH-SHOTSHELLS-PER-BOX/2263462.uts

Both are safe for older vintage shotguns with fixed chokes. Should be able to find either one online. I know Cabelas has both.
X2...Stay away from any steel without opening the FULL choke. Mike Orlen can do the job at a reasonable price:http://users.dls.net/~rdouglas/MikeOrlen.pdf