I have and hunt with 2 labs. The older one gets very dry skin mostly in the winter months. I've tried olive oil and coconut oil ( put on the food ). I don't know if it's a low amount or just not working. Looking for any other suggestions.

They both get good food, I've tried 2 tablets of coconut oil and other times a table spoon or two of olive oil with each feeding. (my wife is obsessed with finding/researching the best dog food that's made, I know it's not the food because it's only one dog I have the issues with. )


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We had a house dog several years ago with extremely dry skin and our vet had us give him a raw egg every day. It seemed to help him.


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Your dog may very well have a food allergy. Pro Plan is an average food and not a great choice for all dogs. I would try a different food without corn and see where that gets you. Also you may want to see what your dogs thyroid levels are. Most every case of skin and coat issues is food related.


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I'll give those suggestions a try. They both get purine pro plan.

I don't feed pro plan but many do with great success. Pro plans ingredient list is unimpressive but Purina is the leader in research. Not all dogs are alike so you may end up feeding two types of food.
That being said I tend to not fall into all the food hype, my first thought would be maybe you bathe the dog to often? I never bathe my dogs unless the get funky and this happens very seldom. I do give a fish oil supplement for humans daily, 3 gel caps for first 2 months and 2 from then on. I buy them at Walmart for next to nothing. My dogs are between 60 - 75 lbs.


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All four of mine get the Costco Nature's Bounty Fish Oil, 1400mg (which is about the most I can find in one softgel. About $16 for 160 of them. They get one every night with their food.

No skin problems, seems to reduce shedding, keeps coats shiny.

They also get glucosamine/chondroitin at night too. I mix that up. Whatever's on sale at Costco. MoveFree, Osteo Bi-Flex, Costco brand..whatever.