New to SD: Please advise

Hi: I have never hunted in SD but am considering doing so this season. I would appreciate tips on the best areas of the state for pheasants and waterfowl. Thank you!
Do some searching in this South Dakota forum and you should find what you are looking for. The subject gets discussed a lot. I'm sure members will also respond to your post. Might help if you provided more info. Like if you are looking for "pay to hunt" or plan to hunt only public land. Dogs you have, etc.
In the same situation a few years ago. Did homework, looked at maps and any other info we could get and then headed to SD and put miles on the truck scouting and ended up getting into several pheasants, mostly on public ground. Went in December. You cant hunt till 10, but we were up before daylight each morning to scout and did not get back to hotel till after dark. It takes a little work, but that is a lot of the fun. Good luck.
pay to play

I was wondering how much is charged on average for pay farms/ranches/areas. Do they charge by day and gun or by week? Any help would be appriciated. Also how do you find them?
You should be able to find fees for $100 to $150 a gun per day. You can also find lodging with meals and hunting access for $250-$300 a day. Not you huge lodges but old farm houses. Check local chamber of commerces as many will have farmers listed who take hunters.