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Hi All - I've been on this board a ton learning and researching this fall but haven't introduced myself. I'm a new bird hunter this year. My kids are past the toddler stage so I wanted to get back into hunting. I've done some casual hunting in the past but this year decided to give it more time and energy. We have some family land in Northern WI so I also wanted to get into grouse hunting as well. I dusted off my 870 shotgun and practiced a few rounds of sporting clays, bought a great upland jacket at the Columbia outlet store ($60 for a Ptarmigan shell - awesome waterproof shell by the way. You can layer it to fit any temperature) We have a family dog that was neither bred or trained for hunting. I decided to see what she could do before committing to a new dog. Stellas a golden/poodle mix. I know. No laughing!. I got her used to gunfire this summer and she has a really great drive and instinct. We tried some early Oct weekends hunting grouse. Flushed and missed a few. Those things move double the speed of pheasants! Next year we'll go more often. Hunted public areas near my house in Southern WI about 25 times this year. Stellas flushed quite a few and we ended up knocking down about 8 total. We'll try a few more times before season closes. She has really developed a love for hunting. She whines at me every morning about 5 AM with look of "Are we hunting today?" Her eyes are on me all morning watching my every move.
A couple weeks ago I shot a pheasant and it landed about 30 yards out into a pond at Jefferson Marsh. I thought the bird was gone. She jumped in and brought the bird back to hand. I was impressed considering we never worked on water retrieves. She still ranges out too far at times hunting more for herself than me but I'll be purchasing an e collar and working on that after the season. Thanks to all on this board. This is the best bird hunting site on the web. I've learned more about gear/guns/training/technique that I could ever imagine. More valuable than any book on hunting. I need to upgrade some of my gear. My Walmart Wolverine boots aren't keeping my feet real dry. I like my gun but its a little heavy for the grouse woods. Looking at the Franchi Instinct SL for next year.


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welcome aboard! We have a place in N. WI and I live just S of Lake Geneva.
See ya in the fields n' woods!


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Welcome !!!

Now, let's hear it for Stella !!!! YEA YEA STELLA !!! You go, girl !!!

Consider...just consider...picking up a used single shot 12 or 20 and practicing bringing it up, cocking, and the garage, living room, (not work-place) or yard. Most of the grouse shots are fast, and most of getting on the bird is getting that gun up to your shoulder/cheek quickly. You don't need shells to do that. Most bird shots are hits on the first attempt.

I'm a big fan of singles for their lightness, inexpensive cost and durability. If you are just getting back into it, a quick reflex muscle memory for bringing the gun up is your very good friend. If you don't use it as you develop, you can always sell it for what you paid, there's always a market for inexpensive guns.

Or don't do that at all. Justathought.

Welcome again, take lots of pictures, tell lots of stories, and have lots of fun.


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I've killed a lot of grouse and woodcock with an old 870 Wingmaster 20 ga. with improved cylinder bore. Not need for a fancy gun if you're on a budget. But the fixed bore improved didn't have a dense enough pattern when I started going to SD for pheasants. I hit everything I shot at, but birds hit the ground running. I bought a 12 ga. O/U for pheasants, but still like the old 870 in the northwoods.

Sounds like you've got a great start with the Goldendoodle. I have a cousin that has one and it's birdy as all getout and retrieves, too. The Standard Poodle was originally a hunting dog, so there's always a chance there's some natural instinct in those dogs.


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Shes 3. We had a golden before stella and picked one that looked less like a poodle. She sheds less than our purebred which is why we wanted a mix.

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Welcome, You'll enjoy and learn a lot from this site. Be sure to share your hunting stories. I have an English Setter that was born up in your neck of the woods. a few weeks ago, in Mellon Wisc. Hope to get her early February.


Standard Poodles

used to be a hunting dog. Water retrieves etc.
If there is any hunt left in them any outcross to a Golden should be a good hunter.
Sounds like you have quite a dog there.
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