New E-collar needed

I need another new e-collar. My waterproof transmitter got water in it this weekend. It was splashed while wearing it around my neck. I have always used Sportdog. They seem to last about 2-4 years and then break. I am considering other brands because I am tired of buying a new one every 2-4 years or so.

I need waterproof, beeper, long range, vibrate, ability to turn on and off beeper at a distance. I would like the ability to add a dog/collar, but for now I only need one collar.

I hunt with a versatile dog so it will be used for dove, duck, snipe, rabbit, squirrel, quail, chicken, pheasant, blood tracking, etc.

What do you recommend (model)? My breeder recommends Dogtra.


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Doesn't encompass everything you need (and it's old), but I have had a Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 for 10 years and have had it in my pocket while swimming on multiple occasions over the years. Neither the collar nor remote has ever failed me. I don't know if the product quality has changed since Garmin bought Tri-Tronics, but if waterproof and durability is something you are looking at then I would look no further than Garmin's line of products.


Another vote for tritronics they last and take use like no other. I have averaged 10+ years out of my units. I bought the second unit for more dog capability when running hounds. Then bought the Garmin to track them and loved it. Now I'm on to the alpha for the ability to have shock and track on one collar. I run 13" beagles and it fits their necks better with 1 collar. Also use it on my gsp's and love it for them as well. Great customer service as well .Tritronics Garmin you can't go wrong.


Tri-tronics/Garmin, I had a Tri-tronics Field 90 for years until the batteries in my 2 collars finally died. I was unable to get new batteries for them as by that time Garmin had bought out Tri-tronics. So I upgraded to the Garmin Pro 550 Upland with 2 collars and have had no issues what so ever with it. Just like Tri-tronics it's a solid unit and does as advertised. All the guys I hunt with all run Garmin Alpha's or Astro's and a couple still have their old Tri-tronics Field 90's that are still humming along.


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Garmin all the way. Sport pro is an easy to use 3 dog system. New Alpha10 or go all out with the Alpha 200. Customer service is great also.

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I have Dogtra and Garmin, both have been very good.
No trouble with either.


I'm a Dogtra guy. Several good brands out there. I started with Tri-tronics, but that was in late 80"s. Dang, that was
a while ago. HA!


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Yeah, I love all dogs. Even better watching them do their thing!


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I don’t think you can go wrong with either garmin / tritronics or dogtra. I’ve been using tritronics and now garmin since the 80’s- has never let me down.


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Dogtra. I can't speak for the newer models but I can for the 2002 T&B 2 dog set up I bought in 2006 and still going strong. Replaced the batteries on each collar once in that time frame. The damn things go on a single charge for a long long time. Bullet proof is what I would call them.


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After almost 30 years of tritronics I went dogtra this time.
Almost went ecollar technologies , I believe started by some guys from the old innotek