New addition to the family - Bailey

Matt D

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As many of you know I had to put Copper down while we were in SD this year. Had no plans to add a second dog right away as Boucher is just 4.5 years old. Sometimes though things just seem to happen. Buddy of mine got a text from the breeder that his dog came from and he had a couple older pups. The owner had gotten sick and was not doing well and had to make the tough decision that they needed to find a new home. A few texts, pics and videos later and me and my daughter are on our way to go look at them. That was 2 weeks ago. Of course we came home with a new buddy in the truck. Bailey is a 17 month old field bred ESS. Found out his owner has been fighting cancer for quite a while and while had done some obedience training he hadn’t seen birds or guns yet. Gave him a week to get settled a bit and last Sunday put some wing clipped chukars out for him. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Didn’t know if we would get to any gun exposure being his first outing but based on how he handled the first few we decided to shoot from a distance and had no reaction at all to it so by the end of the morning got to actually shoot his first training bird over him. To top it off I got it all on video. Below is a screen shot from that video. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous based on his age and not being exposed to birds. Glad those concerns were not an issue.

Heading to the hunt club this afternoon to guide some friends with Boucher and will have a couple hens left in the box for after we get done to get Bailey some more exposure. He is a tall and long dog and can’t wait to see him continue to develop and fill in. Gonna have some fun times with him for sure. Thanks for reading and here is the new guy.
Congratulations Matt, nice end result for all parties.

Bailey looks great! I wish you a long and happy relationship with him.

(I've developed a strong affection for Field Springers. )

Gonna be fun.