Need a lab puppy

steven vecchio

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I need a lab puppy ASAP!

Gift for my grandkids and hunting partner for me.

Chocolate if available. Female preferred.

Will pick up wherever.

Please contact me here or at with any leads on
a quality pup. Will pay any reasonable amount.

I trust the users of this site to help me out.

thanks in advance.



They don't have chocolates, but I cannot recommend Double TT British Kennels in Sylvia, Kansas enough. They have ads in the back of all the Ducks Unlimited and other hunting magazines. I have a dog from there who is one of the best hunting dogs I've ever seen. Amazing hunting ability. They have an insatiable drive and a nose like a bloodhound. I'm fixin' to pick up another pup from them in June. The owner, Haynes Floyd, runs an amazing operation and is a pleasure to do business with. The dogs he breeds are in my mind, the perfect hunting dog. When were at home, Moose is as loving and happy of a dog I've ever seen. I can guarantee if you get a Double TT dog, you will have an incredible friend that you'll make years of memories with.

Their website is, I suggest you check them out.
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They don't have chocolates, but I cannot recommend Double TT British Kennels in Sylvia, Kansas enough.
I have 2 by different sires out of the same maternal line (dams were littermates), a 5 year old and a puppy. My experience with both is that they live up to the marketing hype about "British" labs. I never wanted a lab, then I bought a Double TT pup. When it came time to add another dog, I just couldn't justify going anywhere else. And at 6 months, the newest pup is proving me right. Birdy, mouthy, calm, athletic, driven, smart, and a good house dog. I can tell right now that I'll be back to Double TT for my next pup when the oldest retires in a couple years.

They have a pretty steady breeding schedule, so availability is never a problem. Blacks or yellows only, but most of their yellows are on the darker end, and some are fairly red. Price is within the standard for "upper-end" labs. I hunt primarily upland, and his dogs seem to really excel (they are generally smaller, lithe, leggy) at upland, but I can tell you that I have been invited to both pheasant hunts and duck blinds based exclusively on my dog's behavior and performance.
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