NC Hunters?

We have a dedicated page:cheers:
I'm up here in Asheville and just returned from a great hunting trip in Kansas. Saw many more birds than we thought we might based on the Kansas forum. Also put up several different coveys of quail. Now it is time to get on some grouse; weather is perfect with snow coming down as I type but can't get out till maybe after Thanksgiving holiday.
Cheers to all!
Echo, echo, echo.....

Looks like you're all alone out there Wolf. You should consider moving to the mid-west where you won't be such an out-cast:D
I am close, too. I will be buying my first non-resident NC license this year. There have been times that I have pushed grouse over to NC and wanted to pursue them.
Hello All,
thanks for chiming in!
Tenn-traveler, I will have to hunt up some of those renegade birds you send over the state line!
K-britt, better be careful what you suggest; if I were to move out there I would be hunting 2-3X a week and you know what that would do to the bird population:D:D
Yes, my 14 year old son and I were out there the 20-24 of November just in time for the sleet/cold weather. Hunting was pretty good where we were. Had the opportunity to shoot a limit every day but something about hitting them got in the way:eek: but it was not about limits; it was about hunting with just my son for 2.5 days and then some great friends for 2 days. Posted about the trip with pictures on the KS forum under "did anyone shoot limits this year".
Have fun out there!