My yesterday


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Up early AM....went on a Teal hunt.....very fast action (I wish).....bagged a nice drake near the end of morning.

Came back out to work, last night, saw a nice young rooster walking across a gravel road. Got a real nice work-up and flush by the pup. Drove a little further..saw 1 covey of huns.

Went for an early AM walk, put up a medium size covey (10-12 birds).

Upland season begins on Sept 15th, Phez on Oct 1st.

Can't wait


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The count is up

Unofficially that is.
Saskatchewan doesn't do roadside counts however I spend a lot of working time in good phez area and this late summer...August, I have been seeing young birds here and there...where i have not seen I am optimistic. We had a mild winter and good spring here.


Hey PHEZZ, I'm going to be in the Froid area sometime this week. :)
Coming down to the States this Fall?