My season so far


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My season so far has been good or better than I expected. For opener I hunted public about an hour away from my place. There was only 2 of us but we seen a dissent number of birds around 20, and we shot 2. The field we hunted was surrounded by uncut corn on three sides. Sunday after opening produced no birds but hunt some private with uncut corn. Will try back soon.

The week after opener I hunted western Iowa public with 7 others and 5 dogs, we did very well. We hunted Tues through Fri; 2 full days and 2 half days. That produced 38 roosters in the bag with several easy shots missed, and a couple cripples getting away. About half were this this years hatch. We seen very good numbers and there was still a lot of corn standing on surrounding properties. I will try to make it back in Dec.

Next week I head to south Dakota, and hope its better than everyone is saying, we will see.