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Good Boy!

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... Minot/Sawyer ND.
What's the drive time to decent numbers or are am I good right in that area? Good chance for private acreage with employment.


I'm not real familiar with the particulars of that area but there are birds around there. Most would recommend going 50-100 miles west/southwest but as always, good hunting is where you find it :)


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Nuff said, goose.
ND..... I'll be south of Minot, East of 83.
Will be great area for waterfowl. I can't speak to the upland hunting...

Good Boy!

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Britt... I happen to be 8miles from Minot... tutoring 4 siblings on a huuugghe farmi I drive over to Surrey and hunt their smaller farm... missing everything but putting up enough to work the dogs