Moving To Orofino

Before Sept., I will be moving to Orofino. I suspect blue and ruffed grouse are available in the nearby National Forest. However, I am curious about any public land hunting for pheasants and ducks? Can anyone advise me?
There are geese all over Dworshak. There has been talk of a special season there but nothing official has been said. Probably just rumors.

Crazy amount of turkey opportunities. Most have never been hunted.

Ducks have been seen scattered around the lake but never in any numbers. Never been there on the lake during the hunting season. I have seen cinnamon teal in the summertime that was bumped from the back of a cove while fishing.
Hello there, guys. 2 years have passed, but the problems are still the same. Thanks a lot for your help. I wish I had found this thread when we were moving to Orofino. My brother is about to move there, so I hope this information will be helpful for him. I guess I should also ask the guys from for help. They helped us move there, so they might know about the details of moving to Orofino. Anyway, thanks again for your help. Best wishes to you, guys.
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When I moved to a new area a few years back, I was also eager to explore the hunting scene. I found some great tips on public land hunting for various game on forums and local hunting websites. While I can't offer specifics, checking out resources like might provide some insights or connect you with locals who know the area well.
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I used to live in Moscow, ID. We went to Orofino to fish for steelhead in the spring,
kokanee in the fall and winter. Turkey hunting was great back then.

Pheasant hunting was not great but huns, chuckars, quail was good at lower elevations
and blue grouse in September was fun at cooler and higher elevations.
My favorite was chukars along the canyons of the Salmon, Snake and Clearwater Rivers.