alberta jonny

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Anyone here from the midland Odessa area? Looks like I’m going to be moving down this year. It’s going to be a big change for us and I’m looking for someone to run the dogs with.
Not from there but I go there several times a year. Odessa is a horrible place, Midland is so-so. You must be in the oil/gas business. Everything is ridiculously expensive (housing, food, groceries etc.) Good luck and I'm sorry I don't know anybody that runs dogs. However, two great places to eat: Twisted Taco (great street tacos) and Mi Piaci...outstanding Italian fair.
Yes, I work for a drilling contractor down here and I would have to agree... Odessa does suck lol. We’re looking at Midland and Big Springs. I hear there’s a good population of Blues around Hobbs NM and I’ve seen quite a few near Big Springs, so there’s alway that I guess. I feel like I’m going to see a lot o wheel time heading to Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado in the fall. My biggest concerns is the rattlers around here and the dogs over heating. Those are 2 issues we really don’t deal with much.
I recommend having your dogs 'snake' trained. I'll keep an ear open for training's and let you know. Your dogs will adjust to the heat and quail season gets cooler. Dove season is tough on dogs. And as I'm sure you know...take plenty of water. I use pedialyte mixed with water during dove season if it's a hot day. I'm in the Panhandle near Lake Meredith. Not a lot of birds but it's a federal park and open hunting. Give me a shout if you head north...from Odessa that is! Good luck with your move.