Members experience with 16 ga. TSS loads and Chokes for pheasants


I have been reading interesting information on TSS shells and their performance in 8 and 9 shot. I am
just going by some articles and utubes. They are suppose to hold tight and penetrate better than lead.
Curious if anyone has used these specific loads for pheasant in 16 gauge. Results that one may expect
and also the chokes members have used. Thanks


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Not 16 gauge but in 20, I shot 7/8 ounce 7 1/2 shot and was underwhelmed. Had some shots that seemed to knock them down from the heavens and others that seemed like nothing happened. Seemed to me that they’re so small and heavy it was like a hot needle through butter and unless it took something important out, that it just zipped through and did minimal damage.


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I had never heard of TSS shot and shells before this so had to do some research. Needless to say I was quite surprised to find out that TSS is using 7, 8 & 9 shot for ducks and geese. Seems to go against everything we have ever know regarding shot size. Price is on the spendy side at $40-50 per box of 10. Then I went to the Federal site and saw their TSS shells were $50-100 for a box of 10.