Mel's in Spicer?

Rogue Hunter

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Hadn't stopped in at Mel's for quite a while. Sunday, for a day trip, I drove down to look at the used gun racks. You could have knocked me out with a feather...guns and ammo moved to second floor, only 10-12 used guns, AR type guns dominate the wall display space. What happened, did the owner die, or, sell out and retire.
Mel sold/retired. They added a liquor store. I was there in the fall, more inventory then. Best thing about Mels is that Laib gunsmithing is down the street!!! Great gunsmith!
Laibs is a awesome place. Last fall was down around Benson area and I had shotgun trouble and dumb me forgot a backup, first time in many years I did that. Called them and they said bring it over. Two hours later I was back in the field and still managed to get my limit. I was happy, my dog was happy. Great company and people. I would recommend them to anyone.