Me and Miss Dee

Great, I just saw the tailgate full and figured that was a limit, ha.

Sounds like fun. That's the way I used to hunt years ago when I lived in Kansas, just go out for a short hunt more often. Of course then I was 5 minutes from where I hunted.

Way to go !!! Miss Dee looks a lot like a French Brittany , am I right ?

I went on a managed dove hunt on the 2nd didn't take my Britt cause I had to go onto a painting project . Dang doves are hard to find . I won't leave the Britts next time .
No she's a Deutscher Wachtelhund take the time and read up on them. I 've had dogs all my life but none of them were this great of a hunter and family member
Just dove and duck but in Germany they hunt everything with them. I just gave up deer hunting. I took her pheasant hunt a few times and she did great I just don't hunt her with big groups . And we don't have quail here any more
I got to give the Germans credit in what they done with these breeds .

If u ever get itch to hunt pheasants in NE SD MN maybe KS I'd love to get our dogs together for a hunt wish TX was closer herd Bob whites up maybe I head that way sometime? Been looking at OK Feb quail hunt... I turkey hunted OK a few years during drought very few bobs aaround in 2012-2013

Great Lil dog u have there...
I hunt here everyday but bird #'s have really drop for some reason . Our duck season last year was the worst year I ever seen .
Do the German have to test your breed before they can breed like the D W's

Kinda... Not Germans but NAVHDA a versatile hunting breed organization does have requirements if u want to breed SMs just hunt tests & natural ability puupy test etc. They want to keep genetics diverse you can always private breed mite not get as much per pup but I don't want a puppy mill type set up all about $$$...

There is German hunt tests & organizations to join & test SMs & other German versatile hunting breeds... If u import a dog sometimes the breeder make u join these German clubs...

These dogs are not high in numbers so they want to watch who we breed with like your dog... My dog was out of a private breeding but both dogs were NAVHDA approved to breed etc.
Thats good they do that I heard 5 DW's were test in April by the Germans and only 2 past for breeding .

The German test involve fur & blood tracking also very anal about keeping the dogs doing what they were breed to do... In Germany very few breeding pairs ever re breed only if most the pups pass the hunt tests only the best of best breed over there...

Were the test your talking about in america or Germany?
Luv to hunt with my gal just wish bird #'s were better hunted this morning and took this afternoon off
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