Looking for Golden Retriever Puppy Spring 2020


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I am looking for a golden retriever puppy for spring on 2020. I am located in Wisconsin and will use the dog to hunt pheasants, ruffed grouse, waterfowl and he will be the family pet. I would prefer an male in the 60 to 70 lbs range with a darker field style coat. I am willing to travel for the right dog. Both parents must come from field lines and be proven hunters. If anyone can point me in the direction of some reputable breeders I would be appreciate it.

Thank you


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My Golden comes from Maple Hills Kennels, western WI area, north and east of Stillwater, MN. 715-529-9001, Dan or Leslie.

My dog just turned 9 yrs young and has been an excellent hunter. Their puppies are not inexpensive - $2200? Might be a good resource for you.

Also, check with Joel Nelson on this site - he breeds excellent dogs. I have a couple more resources if you need them.


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I am planning a litter when my female comes into season. It looks like she should have a litter in the spring. I do produce what you are looking for and have tons of extremely happy customers and many repeat customers. My website is in my signature. I would love to have a discussion with you about your desires. I just got an email yesterday from a guy who bought a pup in the spring of 2018. Here is a quote from his email.

"I named him Sam, he’s 63-65 lbs. He is an unbelievable hunter!! He’s much more high strung that the previous 4 goldens I’ve had – but he is twice the hunter. I’ve took him to the game farm once or twice last year, and have had him grouse hunting 15 times. He’s still learning – but some of the pro’s I’ve been around have said that “he’s special”

That pup is dark red and a very nice looking well fit male.


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Be sure and check out Joel Nelson's (Golden Boy) dogs - quite amazing! I've hunted with his female and would love to have one of his puppies...